Fundraiser to help find Laura Crisler

My family needs your help bringing my sister home safe! My sister has been lost from her family for 8 years. She made some mistakes and that lead her on a trip with “friends” down to Phoenix who took everything she had and left her there stranded. At the time she felt too ashamed to call anyone for help. With nowhere to look, her family has had no where to start looking in the massive city of Phoenix with over 18,000 homeless people. We had no idea she was living on the streets as she has always held down a job and had a place to crash. She’s made mistakes and was addicted to a very hard lifestyle but that doesn’t make her any less of a human.

In a recent video, a YouTube content creator did an interview with her which led a follower to contact me saying they’ve found my sister. It was whole shock to everyone! Not only was she alive, she was coherent and seemed to be clean and off drugs. She seems like she wants out of this life finally! You can watch the video and decide for yourself. (

My sister isn’t perfect, she’s human. She’s made bad choices, put her faith in the wrong people. But I firmly believe we all deserve second chances and I feel from watching the video she wants to get/stay clean go home but she feels she has to be “good enough” before she can. Her family loves her and misses her. She has a sweet soul and has always loved animals and tried to help others when no one else would. Now I’m asking for others to reach out and help her. Give her the chance she needs to get out of the pit she’s in trying to survive.

My sister is in a very dangerous place and it is only by God’s grace she has survived this long. We need to get her home safely. She isn’t a violent person and everyone we have come across that has crossed paths with her on the streets of Phoenix have said she is a sweet kid. We looked continuously for 4 days and had some great leads but no luck in finding her. We simply didn’t have the manpower.

This is where we need your help. We have contacted a private investigator who is out there looking for her this very moment. He allowed us to put a deposit down but we need to come up with the funds to pay for his expenses. We also need finances to help get her a way back home and/or perhaps a place to stay for a night or two until we can get to her and allow her a chance to get cleaned up. For those of you who have reached out with prayers and thoughts, we can’t thank you enough! Even if you can’t help financially please share this and get the word out. Everything helps even if it’s a dollar. We are so grateful to each and every one of you.